Posted on 27 May 2016

How to setup Microsoft Outlook app to read Rights Management Services (RMS) encrypted email on mobile device

Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) provides an Email encryption mechanism to protect classified information against unauthorized access. VTC colleagues can make use of the RMS function to encrypt email and attachment with the Microsoft Outlook Client installed in the desktop PC. Moreover, staff can also make use of the mobile device to read RMS encrypted email.

Please click here to get information in details.

Posted on 25 Apr 2016

Promotion of your services and activities in Staff Intranet

A Banner System was built as a new feature for promoting your services and events to VTC Staff or sharing organizational knowledge and good work practices. An image-based banner is displaying at an eye-catching location, top of the website, to get colleagues’ attention more effective.

Please click here to get information in details.

Posted on 3 Mar 2016

Training Calendar for VTC Staff

There is a training calendar in the new intranet - a new platform to build around our daily work. One of its main features is the “Training Calendar”, a portal to assorted staff trainings provided by various OUs. Some of its key functions are highlighted as below.

General User
point Search function for courses
point Course Details and Site Map
point Course enrollment
point Download course materials and/or Video

Admin User
point Add and maintain courses
point Manage enrollment status
point Send email reminder and confirmation
point Manage attendance records

For details, please visit the new intranet and give it a try.

Posted on 24 Feb 2016

Endpoint Protection Solution - Create Schedule Task to perform Full Scan

Regular anti-virus full scan is essential for information security and protection. Regular scanning will help protect our workstations against various potential threats. Information security and protection starts with everyone.

Please click here to get the procedure in details.

Posted on 23 Dec 2015

Endpoint Protection Solution for VTC

A more comprehensive anti-virus solution with end-point protection is ready for your installation.

Please download the correct installation programme from respective sections in our Endpoint Protection Website and follow the installation procedures at

Posted on 23 Sep 2015

Tips for buying a notebook computer

When you are considering to purchase a notebook computer, most often you get confusing how to find a notebook to fit what you want and need.

Please click here to get more details about major elements for your consideration.

Posted on 21 Aug 2015

How to migrate course from Moodle1415 to the Moodle1516 platform?

A new Central Moodle platform has been set up for AY2015/16 now ready for use. Lecturers can migrate their own courses material from the previous platform to the new platform at

Posted on 31 Jul 2015

How to configure your Android devices to connect to the enhanced Wi-Fi services?

ITSD is now offering an enhanced and secured wireless access points, “VTC-Staff” and “Wi-Fi.HK via VTC” at various locations.

See Also

point How to connect "Wi-Fi.HK via VTC" on Android devices (PDF version)

Posted on 18 Jun 2015

How to manage MS Outlook cached credential in Windows?

Periodic password changing is a good practice for information protection; however, sometimes you may be frustrated in this password setting with the email using Microsoft Outlook. The episode of this month is about how to manage Microsoft Outlook cached credential in Windows.

If the “Remember my credentials” option is enabled, after changing your CNA password, you must also update your credential in Microsoft Outlook.

Please click here to see how it can be done in Windows 7.

Posted on 8 May 2015

How to Set Up VTC Email on Android 5 Devices?

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point How to set up VTC email on Android 5 devices (PDF version)
point How to set up VTC email on Android 4 devices (PDF version)


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